Anna and Johan are two freelance thieves who've been asked, by a strange Mr. Horwitz, to steal over 30 Million dollars in diamonds from a mining company in Cape Town (South Africa), in exchange of a good share of the loot.
Once in the city, they team up with Natalie, a young red haired hacker, who appears to be the one who gave Mr. Horwitz the idea of stealing those diamonds.
Difficulties show up very soon: Johan and Natalie end up hating each other, due to a rivalry that rises when they begin snooping for finding Anna a way to break in the vault. Also, the group needs find someone trustworthy who could take the diamonds safely out of the south african borders, where Mr. Horwitz has arranged a deal with a buyer.
The choiche falls on Mario, a pilot who only seeks forgiveness for an old incident that involved him and Anna. Of course, who made that choiche was Johan, as Anna is still holding resentment.
In spite of all these troubles, the plan comes toghether: Anna succeeds in bringing the diamonds out of the vault. But that's when Natalie decides to keep them for herself.
Anyway, a short after, and thanks to a long talk with Mario, she realizes to actually have a crush on Johan and comes back to fix her wrongs.

As you can see, the story is very simple, since I intended to focus this comic mainly on the characters rather than the plot. Unfortunately that's not my kind of comic: even if I believe it wasn't a bad idea, i'm all for complicated and twisted conspiracy-themed plots. I just can't help it. Yeah, probably i'd have enjoyed reading a comic like this, but making it... that's a different thing. I just felt this plot lacked of something for calling it "my creation", that's why I mercilessy killed it before it was too late.

Swedish translations are courtesy of Whipporowill, who also contributed in the character and site design.

Age: 25
Nationality: Swedish (Philippino adoptee)

She's a thief, and proud to be one. She doesn't steal for money, but for challenge: to prove herself that there's no place she cannot sneak into. She is, in fact, extremely agile and knows very well how to deal with locks of any sort.
Anna may seem a quiet girl at first glance, but she's actually very aggressive and has a pretty bad temper. Many had learned better not mess with her: she may not be strong, but her fists are as fast as unexpected.

Age: 24
Nationality: Swedish

Anna's best friend since when they were little kids. He's a freelance photographer and sometimes acts in some little theatre's plays.
One day he tried to convince Anna to quit stealing, but, since then, he ended up being her accomplice. Now, he approaces the objective in disguise in order to learn all about the security (where the cameras and sensors are, access codes, etc...), and reports back to Anna.

Age: 22
Nationality: British

Mostly known as Red Ferret, Natalie is one of the few female professional hackers in the world. She may not be the best, but she knows how to bypass a firewall and, as long as there are people who pay her to do so, she's happy: making herself a name on underground networks isn't her goal, making a lot of money is!
That said, she really loves talking about herself, and she does it really a lot much she could even stun people with her talk.

Age: 27
Nationality: Italian

He's an aerotaxi pilot and Anna's ex-boyfriend. "Ex" because he's unintentionally responsible of her first (and only) arrest and, since then, she always refused to talk to him. He's still in good terms with Johan, who wishes the two would get along again.
Mario is a very quiet guy and overly cautious in everything he does, as he believes that even a very small mistake can have disastrous consequences.


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